Many positive developments have taken place at the Natick Soldier Systems Center during the past six months and more opportunities are coming, Brig. Gen. John J. McGuiness told the NSSC workforce during a Dec. 16 town hall meeting in Hunter Auditorium.

In his second town hall since taking over May 10 as NSSC senior commander, McGuiness began by showing a video of joyous children welcoming home their Soldier/parents from deployments.

"Your report card is those smiles on those kids' faces," McGuiness said. "That's them thanking you."

McGuiness reminded those assembled that they provide Soldiers with food, clothing and shelter.

"Those are the necessities of life," said McGuiness, "and that's what you do here."

McGuiness recognized 12 deployed Natick Soldiers and civilians, gave awards to seven others, congratulated 10 retirees who had spent a combined 292 years in government service, and welcomed several new employees to the NSSC Family.

"We do have so many younger people that are coming in, filling the ranks," McGuiness said. "It's so important that … legacy carries on … to keep Natick as important as it is to all of the Department of Defense and to the nation."

Leaders from various NSSC tenant organizations gave brief updates to the audience. Then McGuiness presented answers to questions from his first town hall and opened the floor to new questions from the workforce.

In closing, McGuiness wished everyone a safe, happy holiday season.

"I can't thank you enough for what you did for the Soldiers and their Families every, single day, especially now during this Christmas season, holiday season," McGuiness said. "They're coming home because of the work that you do."