Changes to the Army Talent Alignment Process 21-01 Winter Move Cycle

By U.S. Army Public AffairsMay 8, 2020

WASHINGTON - The Department of the Army is modifying the Army Talent Alignment Process for Winter 2021 movers. The decision comes after Department of Defense-wide policies to stop moves in ongoing efforts to halt the spread of COVID-19.

The winter move cycle traditionally has the smallest number of officers moving. The Army will limit the number of Soldiers moving to the following categories to minimize movement and maintain readiness:

1. Centralized Selection List (CSL)

2. SHARP/Hardship/Medical-Related/Emergency Situations

3. Movers required to meet HQDA G-3-Directed Readiness Requirements and Army Priorities

4. Officers moving into/out of Professional Military Education (PME)

Those officers who were identified to move from October 2020 to March 2021, who do not fall into these categories will participate in the Summer 2021 Marketplace. Officers moving will still have the ability to share information, experience, and the values they bring for the gaining units.

Lt. Gen. Thomas Seamands, Deputy Chief of Staff, Army G-1, said the effort is intended to maximize the number of officers who can participate in the next available ATAP market for Summer 2021 movers.

“This is not a step back from ATAP or the talent management principles,” said Seamands, “This is a one off marketplace cycle adjustment to move as few people as possible while maintaining readiness. We will resume the normal ATAP market with the next move cycle.”

U.S. Army Human Resources Command is encouraging all units and officers to update their information fields in AIM 2.0. Officers should update their resumes and Officer Records Briefs. Units should update their points of contact and desired knowledge, skills, and behaviors.

Modifying the winter cycle allows the Army to minimize the number of officers who move outside of the ATAP construct, maximizes those who will move using Talent Management principles, and allows the Army the quickest return to ATAP, which will be the Summer 2021 marketplace.

These changes also meet the Army Chief of Staff Gen. James C. McConville’s intent to increase stabilization.

“Something we should consider as we learn and improve with each cycle of the Army Talent Alignment Process is how do we offer stabilization as an option,” said McConville, “Particularly for those with the war-winning talents we want to stay in the Army.”