FORT SILL, Okla. -- In concert with the attributes and essential characteristics tentatively outlined by the "Army Profession Campaign," the U.S. Army Field Artillery School has created an interactive "Redlegacy" database located on

The 'Redlegacy" is a initiative designed to inspire and engage Fires Soldiers and leaders from the lowest to the highest ranks to renew our commitment to what it means to be a professional of the field artillery branch.

In this database, there are biographies of great Redlegs who have set the foundation of professionalism for the Field Artillery branch. The list is not all inclusive, but provides an apt illustration of the professional standards all Redlegs should aspire to achieve.

This "Redlegacy" database also demonstrates the quality of service that the field artillery provides through a variety of experiences, a foundation of not only skills, but opportunities that have allowed many field artillery Soldiers and leaders to achieve great things - not only for the field artillery branch but for the Army as a whole.

"Here, at the FA school, we are preparing our FA officers and NCOs for the challenges they will face in the current and future fight, and by bringing awareness to our 'Redlegacy' we hope to provide a context of learning that is tied to our past," said Col. Richard M. Cabrey, commandant, U.S. Army Field Artillery School. "By providing this connection we hope to continuously define the values and traits that distinguish the occupation of a Redleg as a unique and proud profession.

"Because after all, being in the Field Artillery is more than just a job; it is a calling," Cabrey said.

More information on the "Army Profession Campaign" is located at