ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Army News Service, Nov. 22, 2006) - A Soldier combined her military experience and passion for art to win several awards in the 2006 Army Arts and Crafts Contest.

Sgt. 1st Class Anne Burnley photographed troops at the Army National Guard Maneuver Training Center on Fort Pickett, Va. She later enhanced the digital photos with paint, computer technology and her fascination with texture and geometric asymmetry to create award-winning images.

Burnley took first place in the mixed media two-dimensional category for accomplished artists with "Field Artillery." Her water-base painting, "Firing," earned second-place honors, and her drawing, "Moment," received an honorable mention.

"I work to capture fleeting moments and the essence of an experience when I paint and draw," said Burnley, who is working on a master's of interdisciplinary studies in art at Virginia Commonwealth University. "I love to use paint, prismacolor pencils and the emulsion-transfer process to convey my ideas.

"The images that I create represent visual artifacts of condensed, synthesized, transformed and crystallized fragments of authentic personal experiences," continued Burnley, who said she feels fortunate to incorporate images of Soldiers into her artwork. "This privilege is exciting, fascinating, rewarding and challenging. I give viewers telltale glimpses of moments that I experience as an artist, an observer and a Soldier."

The Army Arts and Crafts Contest is an annual, juried competition of two- and three-dimensional artwork with separate categories for novice and accomplished artists and craftspeople. Their work is entered in categories for ceramics, drawings, fibers and textiles, glass, metals and jewelry, oil-base painting, water-base painting, wood, and mixed media, both two- and three-dimensional.

The accomplished division is for competitors who have gained skills and knowledge through formal courses leading to credit in college or art schools. Those whose skills have not been acquired in formal education leading to college credit or a degree can compete in the novice division.

There were 385 entries from military installations around the world, including 253 in the novice division and 132 from accomplished artists. First-place winners received $300, runners-up $200, and third-place finishers $100. All participants received certificates of excellence.

Several stalwarts from the 2005 contest returned. Multi-talented Myrna Hawkins of Fort Hood, Texas, was a repeat winner of the accomplished metal and jewelry category with "Leaf Pin/Turquoise." Deida Bourne of Fort Shafter, Hawaii, moved from the novice to accomplished division and won the ceramics category with "Lily Pond With Carp." Maj. Leon Pennington of Fort Rucker, Ala., was a repeat winner in novice mixed media-3D with "Beauty."

Donna Kirk, Laura Peery and Jean Walsh judged the contest, sponsored by the U.S. Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command in Alexandria, Va. Kirk holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Montclair University and a master's from Virginia Tech. A senior architect at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, she has participated in the design and detailing of more than 100 art exhibitions.

Peery, who has a Master's of Fine Arts in ceramics from George Washington University, is an independent studio artist in Chevy Chase, Md. Her work includes a sculptural piece in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian Institution. Walsh, a freelance artist based in Burke, Va., formerly served as an arts and crafts director in Panama, and Stuttgart and Kaiserslautern, Germany. She studied at Mt. San Antonio College and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Agnes Scott College.

The submission deadline for the 2007 Army Arts and Crafts Contest is May 25. Authorized MWR patrons, with the exception of employees of the Army Arts and Crafts program, are eligible to enter. All submissions must be the entrant's original work and must be completed within 24 months of the beginning of the contest year.

For more details, write to USAFMWRC Attn: FMWR-CR (Arts & Crafts), 4700 King Street - 4th floor, Alexandria, VA, 22302-4418 or send an e-mail to

Results of the 2006 Army Arts & Crafts Contest with rank, name, installation and name of artwork:

Accomplished: 1. Deida Bourne, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, Lily Pond With Carp; 2. Master Sgt. David Strong, Fort Dix, N.J., Combo Series #4; 3. Brigitte Richard, Fort Hood, Texas, Hallow be Thy Name. Honorable mention: Margaret Tacub (2), Fort Shafter, Hawaii, Samurai, Mother Pot and Children.

Novice: 1. Umeko Bennett, Fort Dix, N.J., Water; 2. Sara Hansen, Fort Huachuca, Ariz., Beauty Without Love; 3. Linda Lee, Fort Meade, Md., Bear Vase. Honorable mention: Jung Sin Lee, Korea, Croak Said the Frog; Dana Traylor, Stuttgart, Germany, At Perfect Peace; Evelyn Young, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, Carved Lidded Jar; 1st Lt. April Ziegler, Fort Campbell, Ky., Marbled Bowls.

Accomplished: 1. Anji Johnston, Korea, Despair; 2. Staff Sgt. John Pilieri, Fort Campbell, Ky., 106th SOAR (A) FARP Team Print; 3. Andrew Washington, Heidelberg, Germany, Day of Days. Honorable mention: Sgt. 1st Class Anne Burnley, Fort Eustis, Va., Moment; Robert Leon, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., Yellow Lab; Myrna Hawkins, Fort Hood, Texas, Sabian Glover.
Novice: 1. Eugene Choi, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, A Heavy Burden: Self Portrait; 2. Evan Murray, Giessen, Germany, American Pride; 3. Tanisha Collins, Fort Belvoir, Va., My Opinion. Honorable mention: Laura Yeom Bae, Korea, Me; Magali Renee Crutzen, Korea, Portrait in Pieces; Spc. Jason Wright, Fort Eustis, Va., The Price of Freedom.

Accomplished: 1. Andrea Fraser, Fort Drum, N.Y., Freedom Eagle; 2. Mary Collins-Hayes, Fort Belvoir, Va., Sean Piece.
Novice: 1. Jitsuko Sato, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, Hawaiian Pineapple; 2. Gayle Parker, Fort McPherson, Ga., Sunset; 3. Mutsuyo Royster, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Bonsai & Shoji Screen. Honorable mention: Maria Menard, Fort Polk, La., Hawaiian Memories; Command Sgt. Maj. Mary Lou Wetzel, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, Turtle in the Sea.

Metal & Jewelry
Accomplished: 1. Myrna Hawkins, Fort Hood, Texas, Leaf Pin/Turquoise.
Novice: 1. Patti Bess, Fort Riley, Kan., Cluster; 2. Sheilah DeValia Hurt, Korea, Yellow-Art Deco Earrings; 3. Andrew Mestre, Fort Wainwright, Alaska, In God We Trust. Honorable Mention: Susan Reiss, Fort Irwin, Calif., Silver Heart.

Textiles & Fibers
Accomplished: 1. Patty Wilken, Fort Polk, La., Victorian Jacket; 2. Annelie Bailey, Giessen, Germany, Eagle.
Novice: 1. Lucy Carvalho, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, Kaleidoscope of Kimonos; 2. Joanne Langseth, Fort Wainwright, Alaska, A Pirate's Lost Treasure; 3. Kyoko Fukushima, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., Crochet Tablecloth. Honorable mention: Marian Brooks, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., Baby Quilt; Joanne Langseth, Fort Wainwright, Alaska, Monet's Garden.

Mixed Media 2-D
Accomplished: 1. Sgt. 1st Class Anne Burnley, Fort Eustis, Va., Field Artillery; 2. Mary Crane, Stuttgart, Germany, Blue Rose; 3. Fritz Desroches, Ansbach, Germany, The Player. Honorable mention: Claudette Downs (2), Fort Belvoir, Va., Homage to Boulet I, Cityscape.
Novice: 1. Paula Albaneze, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, The Blue Cat; 2. Ashley Hall, Fort Campbell, Ky., My Own Guardian Angel; 3. Staff Sgt. Kevin Johnson, Schweinfurt, Germany, Eagman3.PSD. Honorable mention: Catherine Garcia, Fort Sill, Okla., Self Portrait; Glenda Smith, Fort Polk, La.; African Masks; Jessica Ziegelbauer, Stuttgart, Germany, And the Two Shall Become One.

Mixed Media 3-D
Accomplished: 1. Karen Reed, Fort Hood, Texas, Our Father's Chair; 2. Donald Henderson, Korea, Tenor Ukelele; 3. Suki Hargens, Fort Polk, La., Floral Display.
Novice: 1. Maj. Leon Pennington, Fort Rucker, Ala., Colonel Rucker; 2. Patricia Grace, White Sands Missile Range, N.M., Juno; 3. Deborah Sprake, Fort Campbell, Ky., The Storyteller. Honorable mention: Hea Baker, Korea, Sweet Potato Man; Jessica Ziegelbauer, Stuttgart, Germany, Kelim.

Oil-base painting
Accomplished: 1. Rhonda Daniels, Heidelberg, Germany, Daddy and His Cars; 2. Andrew Washington, Heidelberg, Germany, Going Home; 3. Sgt. Christian Leathers, Fort Huachuca, Ariz., Peppers. Honorable mention: Rhonda Daniels (2), Heidelberg, Germany, The Good Shepherd, Seven Sudanese Women.
Novice: 1. Eun Slafkosky, Korea, Cholla-Do Winter; 2. Rebecca Phillips, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Through My Hotel Window; 3. Karen Hileman, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., Untitled. Honorable mention: Staff Sgt. Jonne Lindahl, Fort Drum, N.Y., Friends and Brothers; Richard Malfitano, Fort Hamilton, N.Y., Southwestern Villa.

Water-base painting
Accomplished: 1. Claudette Downs, Fort Belvoir, Va., Natures Rhythm; 2. Anne Burnley, Fort Eustis, Va., Firing; 3. Raeford Lewis, Fort Riley, Kan., Wildflowers Gone Mad. Honorable mention: Stefanie Kottmyer, Giessen, Germany, Native of American.
Novice: 1. Catherine Linberger, Fort Belvoir, Va., Spokes in the Sunshine; 2. Joseph Teijeiro, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Taro Farm Painting; 3. Maj. Amy Brinson, Korea, Autumn Leaves. Honorable mention: Capt. Darlene Wood-Harvey, Fort Belvoir, Va., Turtle Play; Jessica Ziegelbauer, Stuttgart, Germany, Spaziergang (Walk).

Accomplished: 1. Merry Thaden, Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Jipson Woods; 2. Lee Hilliard, Schweinfurt, Germany, Final Kombat; 3. Merry Thaden, Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Russ and Merry.
Novice: 1. Vincent Minichiello, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., Lacquer in the Wash.

Accomplished: 1. Trevor Harding, Camp Zama, Japan, Medieval Cross Box; 2. Guy Bozard, Fort Campbell, Ky., Running Free; 3. Kar Beck, Fort Drum, N.Y., Skid-Steer Loader. Honorable mention: Robert Leon, Korea, The H-Bed.
Novice: 1. Joseph Teijeiro, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Man's Valet Box; 2. Albert Fuller, White Sands Missile Range, N.M., America's Dream Catcher Intarsia; 3. Tech. Sgt. Dennie Sutton, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, Ebonie. Honorable mention: Clyde Keiper, Fort Campbell, Ky., Whale Play Jewelry Box; Joseph Teijeiro, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Ukulele.