Military service is among the most noble of all American traditions. From Lexington and Concord to the mountain passes of Afghanistan, our nation's Soldiers have unfailingly demonstrated the courage and values that distinguish the United States Army as the finest fighting force in the world. Your continued service ensures the ideals of duty and liberty will flourish within generations of Soldiers to come. This Veterans Day, we honor you, those who have come before you and our fellow troopers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Thank you for what you do every day and for serving our nation with honor and integrity. As you enjoy this extended holiday weekend, please stay safe in all you do. Reckless behavior has far-reaching effects, and indiscipline remains a leading cause of fatal accidents within our ranks. You owe it to yourself, your battle buddies and your Family to buckle up, wear personal protective equipment, drive and ride responsibly and call a cab if you have too much to drink. Remember to encourage your buddies to make smart decisions too -- safety begins with each of us, and our duty to one another is just as important at home as downrange. Have a safe and restful Veterans Day! Army Safe is Army Strong!Richard Stidley William T. Wolf Command Sergeant Major Brigadier General Commanding