FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas -- The Harlequin Dinner Theatre's musical production, "Legend of the Golden Oldies" racked up five U.S. Army Festival of the Arts Awards recently, while the Hacienda Recreation Center's "A Musical Splendor" won 10 awards.

The "Legend of the Golden Oldies," is a musical, featuring more than 80 hits of the 1950s and early 1960s.

The five awards included 3rd Place, Outstanding Sound Design for Michael Berlet and Missy Miller; 2nd Place, Outstanding Costume Design, Missy Miller, Shawn Kjos and Gretel Campbell; 3rd Place, Outstanding Light Design, Robert Olivas; 2nd Place, Outstanding Choreography, Missy Miller and Johnny Halpenny; 1st Place, Outstanding Ensemble, the cast consisting of Shawn Kjos, Michael Berlet, Johnny Halpenny, Tim Miller, Sarah Peters, Seeley Stephens and Kyle Skye Lynn.

"Our cast and crew fully devote themselves to creating great entertainment for our audiences," Miller said.

"These awards indicate just how well our team does this. I am thrilled to receive the recognition and I wholeheartedly congratulate all our cast and crew for continuously putting on award-winning shows."

The Hacienda Recreation Center's talent variety entertainment production, "A Musical Splendor," was hosted by BOSS or Better Opportunities for Single Service Members.

The winners included, 2nd Place, Outstanding Artistic Director, Ben Paniagua; 2nd Place, Outstanding Set Design, Ty Robinson; 3rd Place, Outstanding Lighting Design, Ty Robinson and Dwayne Terrell; 2nd Place, Outstanding Sound Design, Dwayne Terrell; 1st Place, Outstanding Instrumental Solo, Staff Sgt. Reginald Sampson; 1st Place, Outstanding Vocal Duet, Airman 1st Class Sherita Cummings and Airman 1st Class Michael McAnderson; 2nd Place, Outstanding Vocal Duet, Ty Robinson and Robin Farland; 3rd Place, Outstanding Individual Specialty, James Cox; 1st Place, Outstanding Male Vocal Solo, Sgt. Tony Cooper; and 2nd Place, Outstanding Female Vocal Solo, Airman 1st Class Sherita Cummings.

"I'm really excited about it," said Paniagua, who produced and directed the show and is the director of the Hacienda Recreation Center. "We worked really hard on the show and I'm glad we got recognized."

Annually, Festival of the Arts spotlights the dedication, quality of execution, and the immeasurable extent of commitment made by members of the military, their families, civilian volunteers and staff who contribute to the quality of life within their garrison communities.

Thirty installations worldwide participated in the competition this year in different categories including the talent variety show, like the Hacienda Recreation Center, the production of a musical like the Harlequin Dinner Theatre and in music, theater or special event categories.

Many performers are recognized and are invited to join Family and MWR's premier entertainment events like the U.S. Army Soldier Show.