BAMBERG, Germany -- Continually transitioning among assignments, duties, living and work conditions, can make life a constant challenge for an Army Family. One of the best ways Family Members can adjust to the constant change of Army life is to volunteer. Volunteering not only provides Family Members with an opportunity to display their skills and contribute to the community, but those same volunteers provide invaluable services to vital community functions.

To highlight the value and importance of volunteering, the 16th Sustainment Brigade, 21st Theater Sustainment Command, hosted their second annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony here, Oct. 1, to recognize the tremendous selfless service of volunteers throughout the brigade who have donated their time and energy to improving their communities.

"It is important to recognize volunteers for their hard work during deployments and back at home for taking care of the Soldiers and their Families," said Chris Comish, the 16th Sust. Bde. Family Readiness Support Assistant.

"Volunteering makes a person important and valued as they are able to support the unit directly," added Comish. "The Family Readiness Group supports the unit directly and is a great way to get involved in the community."

While FRGs offer volunteers one option, throughout any Army community there is a wide range of opportunities.

"Volunteers donate not only a service or a talent, but more importantly their time," said Amy Luekenga, the 16th Sust. Bde. Bde. Volunteer Coordinator."Without volunteers, sometimes things would not get done or programs would not exist that benefit so many."

Under the umbrella of volunteering exists many opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds and assorted skills to demonstrate their abilities.

"Volunteers do all sorts of work. The possibilities are endless," said Luekenga. "There are so many reasons that people volunteer and the reasons are as varied as peoples' personalities."

The value of volunteers is often underappreciated, but recognition ceremonies such as the 16th Sust. Bde.'s help ensure that not only do volunteers understand the value of their work, but the ceremony also works to encourage others to volunteer by highlighting their value.

"Recognizing and honoring volunteers sets a standard for service, encourages a sustained commitment to civic participation, and inspires others to make service a central part of their lives," added Luekenga.

"Volunteers are part of the backbone of a successful Army community and an important support mechanism for the Army," concluded Comish.

Listed are the volunteers recognized and their award:

Certificates of Achievement

Sgt. Rob Arnold
Sgt. Juan Serna
Al Santayan

Youth Cherubs

Alyssa Ramosbarbosa (Silver Award)
Karina Ramosbarbosa (Gold Award)
Julian Pollitt (Gold Award)

Bronze Cherubs (100-249 hours volunteered)

Pola Mattes (39th Movement Control Battalion)
Melanie Moses (39th MCB)
Kristen Benyo (39th MCB)
Meghan Killen (39th MCB)
Brett Zima (39th MCB)
Kristi Goepfert (16th Special Troops Bn)
Jennifer Wamaling (16th STB)
Barbara Serna (16th STB)
Susan Harvey (391st Combat Sust. Support. Bn)
Taylor Sanderson (391st CSSB)
Tennille Mason (391st CSSB)
Lindsey Johnson (391st CSSB)
Elizabeth Feather (18th CSSB)
Jamie Hillyer (18th CSSB)
Diana Swieda (18th CSSB)
Nicole Habel (18th CSSB)
Angela Ozanich (16th Sust. Bde.)
Francisca Correa (16th Sust. Bde.)

Silver Cherubs (250-499 hours volunteered)

Alyssa Barbour (39th MCB)
Rosanne VanHoose (391st CSSB)
Jessica Stinton (391st CSSB)
Kelly Martin (391st CSSB)
Whitney Anderson (391st CSSB)
Spc. Drew Peterson (16th STB)
Jennifer Oradat (18th CSSB)
Maja Smith (18th CSSB)
Cristina Ross (18th CSSB)
Viki Ligon (16th Sust. Bde.)
Rosie Rademacher (16th Sust. Bde.)
Angie Leone (16th Sust. Bde.)
Sgt. 1st Class Sonia Anderson (16th Sust. Bde.)

Golden Cherubs (500+ hours volunteered)

Petra Williams (391st CSSB)
Jennifer Scott (391st CSSB)
Anastasia Marquis (16th STB)
Fritz DesRoches (16th STB)
Stephanie Seward (16th STB)
Nichole Peterson (16th STB)
Erin Kaberline (16th STB)
Angela Barnhart (16th STB)
Ebony May (18th CSSB)
Jessica Miller (18th CSSB)
Sgt. 1st Class Geoff Dewitt (18th CSSB)
Jose Piedade (16th Sust. Bde.)
Virgie Baldonado (16th Sust. Bde.)

Lifetime Achievement Chrubs (4,000+ hours of service)

J.P. Pearson

Elite Cherubs (Special Awards)

Certificate of Appreciate for Patriotic Civilian Service

Madison Burke (39th MCB)

Knight's Shield Award

Sheila Jones (39th MCB)
Lisa Fleurant (39th MCB)
Amy MacCuish (391st CSSB)
Kendra Goodman (18th CSSB)

Catherine Littlefield Green Award

Christine Godbee (16th STB)
Michele Davis (16th STB)
Amy Luekenga (16th Sust. Bde.)