STUTTGART, Germany, Oct. 19, 2011 -- The 2011 U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Digital Photography Contest winners were announced during an awards ceremony held Oct. 12 in the Patch Library. This year, 49 photographers entered 390 photographs in the annual contest sponsored by Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation's Patch Arts and Crafts Center.

The photographers were limited to three entries per category. The photos had to be original works taken within the past year.

The winning photographs, including those that won honorable mentions, will now be entered in the Department of the Army-level contest.

2011 USAG Stuttgart Digital Photography Contest winners


1. "Working on the Beach," Lt. Col. David Tygart
2. "Hear O Israel," Lt. Col. Ken Bellinger
3. "Pa Dong Karen Girl," Lt. Col. David Tygart

Military Life
1. "Surveyors," Col. Joseph Mancy
2. "Just Like Dad," Lt. Col. David Tygart
3. "Stepping Out," Lt. Col. David Tygart

Nature and Landscapes
1. "Fog Spots," Lt. Col. David Tygart
2. "Sullivan's Island," Col. Joe Mancy
3. "Cavern Flows," Lt. Col. David Tygart

1. "Jack Webb," Lt. Col. David Tygart
2. "Slug Speed," Col. Joe Mancy
3. "Proud as a Peacock," Col. Joseph Mancy

Still Life
1. "Light House," Lt. Col. David Tygart
2. "Broken Egg," Col. Joe Mancy
3. "Beaujolais," Col. Joe Mancy

Design Elements
1. "Paper Umbrellas," Lt. Col. David Tygart
2. "Charles de Gaulle," Col. Joe Mancy
3. "Beams Over Bangkok," Lt. Col. David Tygart

Digital Darkroom
1. "Reflections of Vietnam," Col. Joe Mancy
2. "Tse' Nikani'," Spc. Landon Elliot
3. "Snake Charmer," Col. Joseph Mancy

1. "The Craftsman," Col. Joseph Mancy
2. "Senegal Rocks," Col. Joseph Mancy
3. "Geschlossen," Col. Mairi Marquart


1. "Maultaschen," Renee Cizek-Ward
2. "Hey Mukker," Renee Cizek-Ward
3. "Wichita Indian," Lisa-Marie Putnam

Military Life
1. "Memory," Marisa Hera Stohner
2. "Surviving Deployments," Lisa-Marie Putnam
3. "Remembrance," Marisa Hera Stohner

Nature and Landscapes
1. "50¢ Skyline," Maddie Holbrook
2. "Two Paths," Marisa Hera Stohner
3. "Trees for Monet," Yash Holbrook

1. "Mr. Spider," Cara Smith
2. "Snow Dog," Marisa Hera Stohner
3. "Spring Hill Sand Hill," Cara Smith

Still Life
1. "Paperclips," Cara Jill Smith
2. "Peacock Feather Drop," Stephen Cullum
3. "OHM," Renee Ward-Cizek

Design Elements
1. "Inside a Dandelion," Stephen Cullum
2. "Purple Rush," Stephen Cullum
3. "Wattle and Daub," Marisa Hera Stohner

Digital Darkroom
1. "Purple Haze," Cara Smith
2. "Johanneskirche," Steven Cullum
3. "Zugspitze Vista," Steven Cullum

1. "Photographer," Cara Smith
2. "Cranes," Cara Smith
3. "Prague Reflections," Renee Ward-Cizek