TACOMA, Wash. -- Nichole McCullough's dream has always been to be a proud homeowner one day. Habitat for Humanity with the assistance of more than 30 Warrior Transition Battalion Soldiers made that dream come true for the Tacoma native.

Her new home, located in Founder's Circle in Tacoma, Wash., was dedicated to McCullough and her daughter Makayla Oct. 15.

The WTB was recognized for its participation in building homes in the new development during the dedication ceremony.

"Some of the incredible volunteers who worked on this development were some of our friends from the Warrior Transition Battalion," said Maureen Fife, chief executive officer of the Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity. "They spent several days with us this summer and knocked out an incredible amount of work on all these homes, so there's a little bit of their patriot love in every house here."

The wounded Warrior volunteers and cadre from the WTB worked for three days in July to build the energy-efficient homes. These homes come equipped with the latest Green Technology, making them affordable for new homeowners.

"None of this happens without the help of volunteers," said Fife. "When volunteers come out with the work ethic like the Warriors in transition, it just blows our mind. They spent three days with us and got done so much, more than we ever could have imagined."

The amount of work contributed by the WTB Soldiers has not only contributed to the community, but also to the Warriors' motivation.

"It's incredibly important for our Warriors to connect with their local communities and to feel like a productive part of their communities, and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity helps with both," said Lt. Col. Jason Wing, WTB commander, prior to the three-day build. "Volunteering is a way for us to thank our incredibly supportive communities, while also helping our Warriors heal as they realize they still have much to give back."

McCullough and her daughter were especially grateful for all the hard work and time volunteered by the WTB Soldiers. She was excited when she found out she was accepted by the Habitat for Humanity program and anxious to move into her new home. "I started crying because I was happy."

Wounded Warriors of the WTB have dedicated their lives to serving the United States and have seized the opportunity to give back to their community. Working together with regular weekday volunteers from Habitat for Humanity is another step in transitioning back to regular duty and civilian life.

"It's great to know that when they come out they feel like they're really useful and giving back, because they truly are," said Fife. "They're doing a tremendous job when they're here. We need them and I'm glad they feel good when they come out."
The WTB and Habitat for Humanity have helped to create a new life for McCullough and her daughter.

"I think it will be a really good change because it will give me a stable place to raise my daughter," said McCullough.

To volunteer or apply for a Habitat home, e-mail office@habitat.org or call 627-5626.