WIESBADEN, Germany - The days may be getting darker as fall approaches, but inside the Baumholder and Wiesbaden Arts and Crafts Centers it's always bright.
From posters to engraving, framing to woodshop -- the staffs have made sure there is plenty to keep everyone happily engaged.
"There's a waiting list for the guitar and piano lessons," said Jim Quinn, guitar teacher, poster printer and laser engraver at Wiesbaden Arts and Crafts, describing some of the center's popular attractions.
Manager Eric Kramer said he is making big changes at the Wiesbaden center to appeal to even more patrons. "Before it was just the four centers -- laser engraving, framing, printing and wood shop. … I set up new displays to show the arts and crafts materials, and I'm going to be painting the walls soon."
Additionally, Wiesbaden Arts and Crafts has new vendors, new items for retail, clock making materials, jewelry materials, scrap book items, arts and crafts supplies and more.
"Embroidery -- it's going to be happening," added Quinn.
"Basically it's going to be a mini-Michael's," said Kramer, referring to a popular arts and crafts chain in the United States. "Adult crafts classes are coming too. It's going to be wild, funky and across the board."
Old favorites aren't going anywhere, though, said Kramer, adding, "Our basics will still be do-it-yourself framing, woodshop, orientation classes, knitting, mommy and me craft time and build your own guitar."
Art classes are also a special draw at the Wiesbaden center. "I teach china, oil, acrylic, watercolor and drawing," said teacher Rudi Schiener, who has designed items for the Lenox china company. "Normally classes are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but I come in Fridays " whatever the public prefers."
 "My unit gets stuff made in the woodshop all the time, but personally I come here to paint," said Michael Wheeler, 2nd Signal Brigade. "The supplies are great because they are cheap, they have a great variety and you can't find this stuff anywhere else. Plus the customer service is great."
"I really enjoy working here, because I love crafts " it's just fun," said employee James Ward.
Baumholder's Arts and Crafts, too, offers a wide variety of classes, supplies and the chance to share ideas with fellow community members. Besides professional framing, a plaque shop, photo studio and crafting resale shop, the Baumholder facility features a balloon center and monthly classes including basic beading, introduction to framing, macramé jewelry necklace making, knitting, crocheting, decoupage and pendant making.
To get started or to find out more about arts and crafts happenings call Baumholder's center at mil 485-6687 or Wiesbaden's at 337-5449.