CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar -- The 300th battle damaged Stryker was repaired and accepted by the Defense Contract Management Agency with zero deficiencies found and returned back to the U.S. Army inventory. This represents nearly a full Stryker brigade repaired at this site.

The mission of the Stryker Battle Damage Repair Facility (BDRF) in Qatar is to receive, assess, repair and return eight of ten Stryker vehicles back to the U.S. Government in "like new" condition. In the six years since the facility has been in business, it has grown from repairing one vehicle in approximately 200 days to its current standard of six Strykers within a 60-day time frame.

Each phase of the rebuild is inspected by the quality assurance and control team and all retrofits are installed on the Stryker throughout the build process, ensuring the vehicle, when complete, is 100% ready for issue to a unit.

The Qatar facility assumed forward repair area responsibilities from Iraq nearly a year ago, allowing major and sub-components for the Strykers to be repaired or rebuilt in-theater.
Nearly 900 visitors have toured this site in the past 30 months, ranging from three- star generals to celebrities traveling with the USO.