FORT BELVOIR--Acquisition personnel who fail to update their forwarding email address in Army Knowledge Online (AKO) following the recent email migration risk not receiving emails containing potentially vital information and alerts.

The Army’s network email is in the midst of migrating to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Enterprise Email, which is an improved system that permits users to have military email access worldwide, according to the Office of the Army Chief Information Officer (CIO)/G-6.

"All the email addresses have changed to new .mil addresses because of the migration. Following that migration, we requested that everybody change their forwarding email address in AKO to the new email address. It will ensure that members of the workforce get all emails sent to their new address," explained Miesha James, Acquisition Data Management Specialist for the Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC).

The change in email addresses means databases at USAASC contain outdated email information unless the user changes the information. However, a large portion of the acquisition workforce has not updated AKO or may not know why it is necessary.

"It appears that that (changing email addresses) is not happening on the scale it should be. We have over 40,000 people in our acquisition workforce that need to stay alert with what is going on, especially regarding program information that is sent from Acquisition Career Development, and everybody comes here to request those email addresses. So, if we don’t have the updated information, people will miss out on those opportunities," said James.

To update an AKO account, follow these steps:

A. Login to AKO
B. Go to the "My Account" drop-down menu
C. Go to the "Mail Preferences" menu
D. Select "Mail Options"
E. Make the following changes:

1. Select a Mail Option: Forward Email (Non-AKO Account)
2. Forwarding Email Address (place new address here)
3. External Email Address (place new address here)
4. Click “Submit”

F.Once AKO is updated, go to Microsoft Outlook and add the "" to your "Safe Senders" list so that your AKO emails will not go to junk mail. To do this, you must:

1. Go to "Actions" on the toolbar
2. Select "Junk E-mail Options"
3. Select the "Safe Senders" tab
4. Select "Add"

Log-on to AKO at the following address:

Learn more about the email migration in the following story from CIO/G-6 on Access AL&T;: