WEST POINT, N.Y., June 27, 2011 -- It was the first day of the 47-month West Point experience for more than 1,200 new cadets entering the academy.

The U.S. Military Academy and the Corps of Cadets hosted Reception Day on June 27, 2011, a transformative period for the Class of 2015 as a trained cadre of upper class cadets began molding civilians into West Point cadets.

The process began early in the morning as thousands of cadet candidates and their families entered Eisenhower Hall for a briefing before it was announced they had 90 seconds to say goodbye before beginning the day of in-processing at the academy.

New cadets filled their duffel bags with Army issue items: everything from underwear and eyewear, to canteens and ruck sacks. They took an oath of allegiance, received company assignments and spent hours studying academy knowledge from their New Cadet Handbook, practicing drill and ceremony and reporting in to their chain of command.

The day ended with the cadet cadre leading the new class onto the Plain for an oath ceremony in front of bleachers filled with families and guests. Their first day at West Point ended, but the journey for the future Army leaders is only beginning.