The Theater Wholesale Accountability Department of the 2nd Battalion, 402nd Army Field Support Brigade, has the mission to provide command and control of wholesale accountability for Theater Provided Equipment Automatic Reset Induction , and Intensely Managed Items. This equipment is then integrated or redistributed within the Department of the Army wholesale system either in theater or in the United States.

The TWA Department has a unique and extremely challenging mission of clearing the battlefield and properly accounting for critical and sensitive items of Class VII supplies and essential War Reserves. Once these items have been vetted by HQDA, a TWA Wholesale Responsible Officer, and property accountability teams have inventoried and accepted accountability and responsibility of the equipment from a unit, the TWA WRO will then maintain accountability and asset visibility of the equipment through the entire Logistics Modernization Program and the Army War Reserve Deployment System until it is signed for at final destination either in Afghanistan, Kuwait, a depot in the United States, or at other overseas locations.

TWA recently completed the first-ever migration of a major property accounting system at the wholesale level in a combat zone pending retirement of a legacy system, the Standard Depot System to the Logistics Modernization Program. Schedules and training requirements were developed to meet the guidance from Army Sustainment Command and the 2/402nd AFSB was the first to successfully migrate from SDS to LMP.

The TWA team’s highly professional workforce is comprised of 31 Department of the Army Civilians and 74 contractors. It is supported by 2/402nd AFSB Redistribution Property Assistance Teams and Mobile Redistribution Property Assistance Teams.

From January 2010 to April 2011, 123 missions were conducted at 45 different locations relieving units of more than 25 million pieces of equipment with MRPAT and more than 40 million pieces at RPAT sites.