BAMBERG, Germany -- Soldiers, civilians and family members on Warner Barracks celebrated the Army's 236th birthday June 14 during a ceremony at the Freedom Fitness Facility here.

More than 150 people listened to children sing the Happy Birthday song, the Provost Marshal, Maj. Seamus Garrett give a speech.

"The Army's story is America's story," Garrett said. "For 236 years, the nation has entrusted the Army with preserving its peace and freedom, and defending its democracy. Today, we proudly celebrate the United States Army's 236th birthday.

"In the last 10 years, we have been repeatedly tested and today's Soldiers have emerged stronger with a deeper sense of commitment to the Army as a profession," he said. "We still must remember that we are an Army of people - not just Soldiers, but Families as well." From the beginning, the Army has relied on the strength of its Families. Since the time Molly Pitcher took over her husband's cannon at the Battle of Monmouth, Army family members have been crucial to our success. Now, they play an increasingly important role in the readiness of our all-volunteer force.

The Army 's history began in 1775 with the Continental Army. The youngest and oldest Soldiers, Pfc. Tyler Siegrest, and oldest, 1st Sgt. David Thornton, both from 173rd Special Troops Battalion, cut the cake with Garrett.