Shortly before the 336 students of the Army War College Class of 2011 graduate and return to the fight, Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chief of Staff of the Army, spoke to them in Bliss Hall and shared lessons he has learned in strategic leadership.The class will graduate June 11, completing their 10-month resident course, but Dempsey wanted to speak to them before they began the next phase of their careers. He spoke about strategic leadership, the challenges facing the military and urged them to apply the lessons they had learned and utilize the relationships formed here."Congratulations on being here," he said. "The opportunity you have had to interact and develop trust with others here will be worthwhile. Thanks for what you do, and what you will do."Dempsey, who was recently nominated by President Barack Obama to become the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke for about 30 minutes before taking questions from the students.