SUWON AIR BASE, South Korea - "Let the Hunt begin!" with these words, more than 80 children from the House of Dreams Orphanage sprinted toward the soccer field to chase after more than 1,500 colorful plastic eggs, carefully hidden by the volunteers and families from the 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery Battalion during the Annual Easter Adventure April 16.

As the children excitedly collected the colorful eggs from the field and put them into their Easter baskets, a few impatient ones were even more thrilled to discover the chocolates and candies hidden inside their eggs.

"[The children] could not wait to get started!" said Spc. Corey Simms, one of the event's volunteer group leaders, from Alpha Battery, 6-52nd Air Defense Artillery. "For most of them, this is the first Easter Egg hunt they have ever participated in."

The Iron Horse Battalion Family Readiness Groups and volunteer Soldiers spent countless hours preparing and putting together this memorable celebration for the children from Suwon City's largest orphanage.

The unit has routinely hosted various events and activities during holidays to bring a smile to the faces of the children from the orphanage.

And judging from the positive reaction from the children and the volunteers, this year's event was a tremendous success.

"I want to thank 6-52nd Air Defense Artillery Battalion for hosting this great event for the children," said Kim Ji-choon, the principal of House of Dreams. "You have made this year's Easter an unforgettable experience for the children."

Maj. Cecilia Shaw, executive officer of the Iron Horse Battalion, returned. "We also want to thank the House of Dreams Orphanage for visiting Suwon Air Base this afternoon and sharing this unforgettable experience with the families and Soldiers of the Iron Horse Battalion."

"This is so much fun!" said Song Yun-suk, a 12-year-old from the orphanage as he counted the eggs and candies he collected.

The Easter Bunny also made an appearance during the event, greeting the children and earning a few giggles from the younger participants.

The fun did not stop at the conclusion of the Easter Egg Hunt, however. The festival also introduced children to other Easter-themed small group activities. Members of the Battalion FRG hosted a craft shop, sack race, tug-of-war and cake walk for the children. And some of the children even got the chance to swing at a pinada.

"The kids are very energetic this afternoon," said Staff Sgt. Kelson Smith, a volunteer group leader from Headquarters Battery, 6-52 Air Defense Artillery Battalion. "You can tell that they are having a great time."

"Everything went very well this afternoon," said Jobee Dumo, one of the FRG leaders running the group activities, "Not only the children are having fun but also the volunteers!"