ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. - "A huge dollar figure has been invested in this great installation," said Anniston Army Depot Commander Col. Timothy Sullivan as he held his first town hall meeting on March 31.

Accompanied by a panel of experts, Sullivan spoke from a flatbed trailer to depot employees while addressing such topics as the latest workload figures and workload projections, status of term employee appointments, the cooperative high school education program, parking concerns, civilian personnel matters, and an update on the logistics modernization program.

The panel included Michael Burke, general manager of production operations; Jim Webb, Directorate of Community and Family Activities; Vivian Henry, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center; Ester Griguhn, Logistics Modernization Program; Jay Johnson, Directorate of Emergency Services; George Worman, Legal Office; and Sherene Funderburg, AFGE Local 1945.

Approximately one-fourth of the depot's 4,125 employees were in attendance at one of the three sessions held for both first and second shift employees, while others viewed via a live broadcast on the local area network.

"And I am proud to say that $1.8 billion over the last ten years reiterates the type of work that this depot is doing. What sells our military value and capabilities more than anything else is our ability to provide the best quality weapons to the war fighter on time and at a competitive price. That means that we must continue to do our best every day," Sullivan continued.

"You have a reputation for being a patriotic workforce. We tell that to every distinguished guest that visits the depot. We must maintain that reputation and help ensure this installation remains viable for another 70 years."

Town hall meetings serve as a tool for relaying information to employees and serves as a platform for employees to ask questions.

At the conclusion of each session, employees were permitted to direct questions to the commander or his panel members. While most questions were answered on the spot, others will receive personal responses by email, TRACKS, or The Morning Show.