Army recognizes 2018 outstanding community partnerships

By U.S. ArmyOctober 29, 2018

The Department of the Army has announced the winners of the 2018 Army Community Partnership Awards, which will be presented at the Army Community Partnership Recognition Ceremony on December 4, 2018, in the Hall of Heroes at the Pentagon in Washington, DC.

Seven U.S. Army installations and neighboring communities have been selected for demonstrating partnerships that enhance Army readiness, modernize Army processes and improve business reform, while building stronger community relationships.

This year's winners include the following partnership initiatives:

• Fort Carson and El Paso County, Colorado, who partnered to build the Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex Trap and Skeet Range. This complex is operationally self-sufficient through fees paid by both military and civilian users.

• Fort Detrick and the County of Frederick, Maryland, who partnered on a computer-aided dispatch system (CAD) to create interoperability and system synchronization. Fort Detrick also partnered with the county to integrate the installation into the County Solid Waste Management Plan, enabling the Army to reduce installation emissions and landfill use requirements.

• Fort Polk will be recognized for three partnerships. First, through its partnership with Vernon Parish Police Jury, Louisiana, for solid waste management, which enables the sorting of field waste associated with the rotational unit training mission. The second partnership was with the city of Leesville involving vegetation control, grounds maintenance and tree-removal services. Finally, they partnered with the town of Rosepine for custodial services, which allowed for use of the town's in-house staff to provide custodial services to the installation.

• Fort Riley partnered with the City of Manhattan, Kansas, on bulk purchasing of road salt. This agreement benefits the Flint Hills region, which experiences severe winter weather and requires bulk salt purchasing and storage prior to events.

• Parks Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA) partnered with the federal correctional institution at Dublin, California, to provide federal inmate labor for PRFTA Department of Public Works projects on garrison property.

• The South Carolina Army National Guard partnered with the SCANA Corporation on several initiatives involving enhanced defense capabilities in the cyber environment. This collaboration focuses on both the technical and social aspect of cyber defense, building and creating relationships to tackle solutions at all levels.

• The Wisconsin National Guard / Department of Military Affairs partnered with the private electric utilities of Wisconsin. This collaboration is intended to mitigate risk to the utilities and identify opportunities to improve incident recovery and develop practices that demonstrate an "all hazards" approach to cooperation between the government and private utilities.

The Army Community Partnership Recognition Ceremony seeks to highlight examples of exceptional cooperation and diligence that will encourage continued collaboration to achieve the full potential of community partnerships. The awardees represent partnerships that have improved readiness, driven modernization and contributed to reform initiatives throughout the Army.

Awardees included partnerships signed in fiscal years 2016-2018 by garrisons, reserve centers and armories. Eligible partnerships included memorandums of understanding, memorandums of agreement, cooperative agreements, educational agreements, leases or licenses, mutual aid agreements or intergovernmental support agreements. Submissions were evaluated using the following criteria:

• improves or enhances readiness

• supports reform initiatives

• modernizes a service, system or process

• expands capability

• improves soldier/family life or community relations

For additional information, contact Ivan Bolden at or (703) 545-2538, or David Leinberger at or (571) 256-9745.