Logistics Information Warehouse

What is it'

The Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW) is the Army's single, authoritative location for all Army materiel stakeholders to access materiel data. LIW facilitates the integration of legacy systems data with emerging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data to provide critical strategic business analytics and business intelligence for today's logistics leaders. It maintains a data repository and data sourcing solution for logistics information drawn from authoritative sources that enable materiel management in support of Army Force Generation and the <a href="http://www.army.mil/standto/archive/2010/01/15/" target="_blank">Army's Equipping Strategy</a>. This strategy supports the former chief of staff's vision of a joint-capable logistics community that maintains a domain-wide visibility of requirements and capabilities to sustain current operations and enables the transformation necessary to support future requirements.

What has the Army done'

The Secretary of the Army designated the Army Materiel Command (AMC) as the Lead Materiel Integrator (LMI) and LIW as the single logistics authoritative database for the Army on March 22, 2011. AMC and its Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) have been assigned project management and development responsibilities for LIW Integration and modernization. The commander, LOGSA has forged a strategic partnership with the Program Manager Army Enterprise System Integration Program (PM AESIP) to assure LIW technical interoperability and functional alignment in the logistics enterprise environment.

Why is this important to the Army'

The Army is rebalancing and evolving to support a modular force structure. The Strategic Information Technology (IT) Plan addresses how logistics IT initiatives and programs support the Army now and in the future.

The LIW as a critical component of this business environment must enable a relevant data management capability to commanders supported by legacy systems during the period of transition called "mixed-mode operations." It will enable a "Total Army View" of logistics posture (data visibility from legacy Standard Army Management Information Systems and ERP systems) that enables strategic decision support, deep-dive analytics, and long-term trend analysis for senior leaders and LMI decision authorities.

Finally, the LIW will enable enterprise data warehousing to facilitate authoritative data sourcing. It will allow the logistics community to monitor, manage and sustain the efforts that are vital to its success. This streamlined process will provide an invaluable asset to the Army- providing a single, common location for all Army materiel stakeholders to access, acquire and deliver data and information for the management of Army materiel.


Log-in required: <a href="https://www.us.army.mil/suite/files/23170478" target="_blank">LMI Task Force Stakeholder Files</a>

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<a href="http://www.army.mil/-news/2011/03/29/53974-amc-designated-armys-lead-materiel-integrator/" target="_blank"> STAND-TO! edition, April 13, 2011: Army's Lead Materiel Integrator </a>

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