BAGHDAD - In a ceremony conducted at the 4th Federal Police's Headquarters on March 31, ten members of the 4th Federal Police received certificates after completing a Combat Lifesaver course provided by the medics from the 6th Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, United States Division - Center.
The eighteen-hour training program provided by the medics of the 6th Sqdn., 9th Cav. Regt. began on March 28 and concluded on March 30 Each day, the Saber Medics would travel to the 4th FP Headquarters to provide basic medical classes on such areas as: administering an IV, injury treatment, first responder, running an aid station, and other basic Combat Lifesaver skills.
"For some of these guys, some of these courses were a refresher course from training they had previously received from other units. But, some of the training, like administering an IV, was completely new to them. In the end they all came away a lot more confident in their abilities," said Sgt. Jacob Klopp of the Medic Platoon, Hunter Troop, 6th Sqdn., 9th Cav. Regt., 2nd AAB, 1st Inf. Div., USD-C, a League City, Texas native.
Although a language barrier existed between the instructors and students, the Iraqis were eager to learn these medical skills.
"Every day these guys showed up motivated to learn something new. Their motivation made it a lot of fun for us to teach them these life-saving skills," said Pfc. Dorian Staley of the Medic Platoon, Hunter Troop, 6th Sqdn., 9th Cav. Regt., 2nd AAB, 1st Inf. Div., USD-C, a Galloway, N.J. native.
Unlike the Saber Medics who are designated medical personnel, these ten Iraqi soldiers who completed the training are not designated as medics within the 4th FP. Rather, they are regular soldiers who were chosen by their commander to receive this training, and eventually train their fellow Iraqi soldiers on these same skills.
However, the training provided by the Saber Medics inspired some of the Iraqi soldiers to enhance their medical training.
"Some of the Iraqi soldiers approached us after this training and told us that they wish to continue to learn more medical skills and eventually become a medic in the Iraqi military," said Staley.
In the end, the ten Iraqi soldiers that completed the training were excited to receive their certificates to mark their proficiency in the medical skills taught to them by the Saber Medics. Equally, the Saber medics were excited to provide this training and look forward to working with their Iraqi partners again.