FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: No Hazard Found in Fort Bragg Follow-Up Pesticide Testing

By USACIDC PAOMarch 31, 2011

Fort Belvoir, Va., Mar 31, 2011 - The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command, commonly known as Army CID, announced today that the results of follow-up pesticide testing by an independent laboratory completed in homes on Fort Bragg showed that concentrations of pesticides were not elevated and do not pose a health hazard.

The remaining tests were requested by investigators after earlier extensive environmental testing facilitated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) showed that pesticide levels in a home on Fort Bragg associated with three infant deaths during a four-year period was considered to be at the "high end of the normal range and not considered to be toxic," according to CPSC officials.

Fort Bragg and CID officials became concerned last year with the deaths of three infants associated with one home during a four-year period on Fort Bragg. At that time, CID at Fort Bragg ordered a comprehensive review of those three deaths and as a precautionary step, included seven other infant deaths from the four year period where the cause and manner of death was classified as "undetermined" by the Armed Forces Medical Examiner.

Representatives from Fort Bragg, CPSC and Army CID participated in a February 2011 press conference where the CPSC presented their final report after months of extensive environmental testing. The CPSC recommended precautionary testing on the samples concerning pesticides just to make absolutely certain there were no issues.

During the February press conference, CID spokesperson Chris Grey said "although there is nothing in the report that would be considered outside of the normal parameters by the scientific community, the findings by CPSC concerning pesticides in the homes demands further investigation and testing on remaining dust samples that were collected by Environmental Health and Engineering, on behalf of the CPSC ... to ensure we continue to conduct a thorough and complete investigation to eliminate any possibilities."

Any questions regarding testing methods used during the CPSC's environmental testing on Fort Bragg can be directed to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Any questions regarding the recently concluded pesticide testing can be directed to Environmental Health and Engineering --

The investigative review remains open and ongoing and no additional information will be released at this time.