Senior Service College Fellow student Charles Farrior has received the honor of presenting his research paper at the Naval Postgraduate School eighth annual Acquisition Research Symposium May 11-12 in Monterey, Calif.

This year's symposium is titled "Acquisition Research: Creating Synergy for Informed Change."

This symposium serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas among scholars and practitioners of public sector acquisition. It features papers and presentations on recently completed and ongoing projects conducted by researchers from universities and institutions from around the world. It includes projects under the Graduate School of Business and Public Policy's Acquisition Research Program, as well as remarks by a distinguished slate of guest speakers and panelists.

Farrior is the first Fellow to be accepted for presentation. His research paper, "How Can Civilian Retention in the Army Contracting Command Contracting Professional Community be Affected'" is based on challenges he deals with on a daily basis as director of business management for Army Contracting Command. In fall 2010, the Naval Postgraduate School sent out a call for research papers. Farrior responded to that call and submitted his research paper synopsis in October.

He has approximately 28 years of professional experience in acquisition, including contracting and program management, in support of Department of Defense programs.

"As such, in the role of the director, it was my biggest challenge to execute a plan to recruit and hire due to various constraints," Farrior said of his choice of topic. "This phenomenon occurs at other contracting organizations within the Army Contracting Command as well. Therefore, there is widespread application for the topic. Having worked within both the Department of Army and Department of Navy for my professional assignments, I have seen the impact and necessity of having a qualified work force at each locale. That added even more interest for me in the subject,"

Dr. Carol Lowman, deputy director of the Army Contracting Command, and executive director Jeff Parsons sponsored Farrior to enroll in the SSCF program at Defense Acquisition University and continue his research on this topic. He presented his finding at DAU South on Jan. 27 to Lowman.

Farrior will make his presentation May 12. The symposium is divided into 25 panels concerning various areas of interest in acquisition. Farrior is among four nationally chosen speakers to present during the 17th panel discussing "The People Problem: Research in Acquisition Human Capital."