FORT BRAGG, N.C. - The Directorate of Human Resources was certified as a Green Directorate at the Sustainability Management Council meeting on Feb. 17.

DHR representatives Jason King, Ella Smith and Carl Stahl received certificates and coins from Michael Lynch, the installation's director of Plans, Training and Mobilization and the champion of the installation sustainability program - Sustainable Fort Bragg.

The Green Directorate program encourages military units and civilian organizations on the installation to practice sustainable, daily operations and educates staff about the benefits of environmentally conscious business practices and their impacts on the mission.

To become certified as a Green Directorate, organizations must implement specific measure to reduce waste, promote recycling and engage in environmentally preferred purchasing. The measures must also improve energy efficiency, conserve water and enhance air quality. Once certified, green directorates enjoy a variety of benefits including public recognition, access to an expert program support team and inclusion in an interactive group of peers dedicated to preserving the environment and supporting Fort Bragg for future generations.

"The Directorate of Human Resources initiated the program to improve environmental awareness for the directorate as well as to conserve energy and natural resources for Fort Bragg," said Jason King, a human resources specialist at DHR.

For DHR supply specialist Ella Smith, participation in the program was common sense.

"We are saving government money and resources," Smith explained. "We want to let everyone know that we care about and want to improve our environment. If we don't do what we can now, we may never have a chance to save ourselves from ourselves."

According to sustainable materials planner and program coordinator Melinda Harrington, the Green Directorate Program was a beneficial fit for DHR - both for the employees of the directorate and the Fort Bragg community. "The Directorate of Human Resources has the unique opportunity to communicate daily with Fort Bragg Soldiers, dependents, retirees, contractors and members of the civil service," said Harrington. "Their actions inspire others to follow suit not only at their work place but also at home."

Among their initiatives, DHR implemented locked and secured shredder bins for on-site paper shredding in 2008 and they removed individual shredders. They also established recycling bins for DHR and the Soldier Support Center in 2009. Additionally, all unused office supplies were recycled and stored for employees.