FORT KNOX, Ky. - This October, select command sergeants major and sergeants major will begin filling positions from the Army's first CSM and SGM Centralized Selection List (CSL) boards held October through December 2010. Under this system, commander and CSM (or SGM) will enter and depart command at the same time.

The new system -- outlined at the Sergeant Major of the Army's Nominative Conference in January -- synchronizes command teams so that commander and CSM (or SGM) will attend Pre-Command Course together and change in and out the same fiscal year.

"It's about meeting the needs of the Army while at the same time offering Soldiers more predictability and more say in their next assignment," said Kurt Fedors, command management branch chief, Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate (EPMD), U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC). "We've implemented a process very similar to what officers are familiar with when competing for brigade and battalion command, so it's a tried and tested process. We will have some misses but will make every effort to synchronize these changes of command and changes of responsibility."

The command sergeant major board helps with selections because the board identifies those Soldiers best-qualified to serve as brigade- and battalion-level CSM, he said. The order of merit list system for principal and alternate selects ensures that no CSM position will go unfilled. In fiscal year 2012, Active Component positions will be filled. In FY 2013, Active Guard-Reserve (AGR) positions will begin being filled.

"It's going to take two years to implement this plan," he said. "Fifty percent are selected for the first year or phase one. You can't do 100 percent at once as there would be no opportunities for Soldiers to compete next year."

Additional information from the Sergeant Major of the Army's Nominative Conference includes the following:

Aca,!Ac Eligible CSMs and SGMs will compete for and be selected under four categories that apply across the 26 career management fields - operations, strategic support, recruiting and training, and installation.
Aca,!Ac This centralized selection board process is part of an overall change to senior NCO management outlined by the Army's G-1 personnel staff at the Pentagon in June 2009.
Aca,!Ac It mirrors the officer central selection process.
Aca,!Ac It's based upon providing better predictability assignment choices and increasing opportunities.

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