U.S. Army and Colombian Army Staff Talks

What is it'

U.S. Army South, as the Army's Executive Agent, will conduct bilateral staff talks with the Colombian Army at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Feb. 1-4. The U.S. Army Staff Talks Program serves as a bilateral engagement for military discussion between respective armies. The Staff Talks Program seeks to promote bilateral efforts in order to develop professional partnerships and increase interaction between partner nation armies. The engagements enhance army-to-army contacts and mutual understanding, providing the partner nation armies with insights concerning specific U.S. Army programs, areas of mutual interest, and assisting partner nation armies in areas of modernization or reform. The overall objective of the U.S. Army Staff Talks Program in Latin America is to promote peace and stability in Central and South America, and the Caribbean through mutual understanding, partnership, and cooperation.

What has the Army done'

The U.S. Army has engaged in annual bilateral staff talks with the Colombian Army beginning in November 2009. This meeting marks the second time the two armies meet for staff talks. The meeting scheduled for 2010 was postponed due to U.S. Army South's involvement in Operation United Response. The staff talks have been instrumental in enhancing the interoperability and cooperation between the two armies, which have contributed to increased stability in the region.

What efforts does the Army have planned for the future'

The goal during the staff talks is to develop a bilateral engagement plan with the Colombian Army which continues to strengthen their relationship with the U.S. Army. The two armies will bilaterally develop knowledge, capabilities, and support of current and future peace-keeping operations. The U.S. Army will continue to support the Colombian Army's effort to serve as an active leader in the region as they further trade, protect human rights, and promote peace and stability.

Why is this important to the Army'

The U.S. Army's capabilities in the region are greatly influenced by the partnerships forged with partner nation armies. Strengthening the relationship with the Colombian Army through these talks will have lasting effects on the peace and stability of the region. With their highly capable military and law enforcement agencies serving as models of professionalism, Colombia is a key player in enhancing security in the region.


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