The Veterinary Corps recognized three officers this summer for outstanding service. Receiving the first Daniel Holland Leadership Award was LTC Neal Woollen, commander of the 248th Veterinary Medical Detachment. CPT Jim Pratt of the AMEDD Center and School was named Exceptional Junior Officer of the Year and CW2 Budd Dodge of the Central Pacific District Veterinary Command was named Exceptional Warrant Officer of the Year.

Before his current assignment with the 248th in Iraq, Woollen played a key role in the national response to the 2001 anthrax letter attacks, participated in field research on Ebola virus, was a member of the UNSCOM inspection team in Iraq and commanded the Theater Army Medical Laboratory in Kuwait.

The annual Holland Award recognizes one VC major or lieutenant colonel who has made significant contributions in leadership. It is named for a veterinarian who was killed in 2006 while on a civil-affairs mission in Iraq.

Pratt was activated from the Reserves and served in Iraq as a civil affairs Veterinary Corps officer. After this deployment, he volunteered to remain on active duty and was assigned to the AMEDD Center and School. His abilities and efforts there earned him greater responsibilities and he helped ensure mission success.

Dodge built a cohesive, responsive team to serve the entire Pacific Armed Forces region. He deployed to Afghanistan and provided essential service to ensure safe food for forces in that nation."

From the September 2007 Mercury, an Army Medical Department publication.