I am an avid fan of Soldiers magazine, and I always look forward to the articles each and every month.However, once I finished reading the October 2010 issue, I noticed the ad on the back cover, which encourages those with degrees to become Army officers. What caught my eye was the order of precedence of the Soldier's ribbons. There is not much more to say other than look for yourself and you'll see (the discrepancy).Brian J. Lince Retired SoldierRESPONSE to letter:Mr. Lince is correct. The Army Service Ribbon and National Defense Service Ribbon worn by the officer featured in the ad on the back cover of the October 2010 issue are switched.Regrettably, neither the Soldiers magazine staff, nor the Accessions Command Outreach and Marketing team (which shot the photo and designed the ad) caught the error prior to publication.Ultimately, regardless of the source, the editor in chief is responsible for all featured content. I greatly appreciate the diligence of readers like Mr. Lince, and will continue to strive for excellence.Sincerely,Carrie McLeroy Editor in chief