Feeling a bit sluggish following the winter holiday season' Consumed a lot of cookies, eggnog and gravy' Clothes feeling tighter' Those looking for a motivating way to kick start their fitness regimen can take advantage of a new Adelphi Laboratory Center program tailored to their body composition, fitness level and desired goals.

The 20/11 Fit 4 U program debuted Jan. 3, and according to ALC Fitness Center Manager Nadine Lilavois is designed for those who already have a regular workout routine and for those who have just started working out following the holidays.

"We've seen the usual spike in Fitness Center use in January where attendance more than doubles," said Lilavois. "Usually we'll see a drop off in attendance by the end of February, but hopeful the 20/11 Fit 4 U program will encourage people to keep fitness part of their permanent schedule."

While the catchy title represents losing 20 pounds in 11 weeks, each customer's goals may be different. Some may want to lose weight; others might want to bulk up; others may need some muscle toning or endurance training.

The program begins with a fitness assessment administered by a member of the Fitness Center staff that takes approximately 45 minutes. The assessment consists of blood pressure, body measurement, height and weight, flexibility, sit-ups, pushups, aerobics tests (12 min. run/3 min. step test) and maximum strength tests with legs and bench press. The staff tallies the results and prepares an individualized fitness program with regular monitoring and tracking of results.

Alonzo Coleman, a mechanical engineer with the Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center Fuze Division and a Fitness Center member since he arrived at ALC three years ago, was one of the first to begin the 20/11 Fit 4 U program this month.

"The assessment was harder than any workout I would have done myself - it pushed my body to the max," said Coleman, who usually spends his gym time focusing on strength training of various muscle groups and is now getting used to the personalized training program provided by the Center staff - a program that now includes cardio and flexibility training. "I'd like to develop an image of myself that I'm happier with - an overall healthier me. Instead of just doing my own workout thing, I'm now getting guidance from a knowledgeable person in how I should be training my body."

The staff has administered the fitness assessment to 35 people since the new year began and will re-test Coleman and other customers at the end of their 11-week program to see how much improvement they've made toward their fitness goals.