ROCK ISLAND, Ill. - What started as a room full of trained expert advisors is now nearly empty, with only a few employees waiting like Maytag repairmen.

Implementation of the Logistics Modernization Program, which began Oct. 21, 2010, has gone smoothly and no longer requires as many people to answer incoming phone calls on how to operate in LMP.

"We are currently in the stabilization phase working through various issues that commonly arise in a system deployment," said Mary Holburn, communications lead for the LMP core team. "Such as ensuring the proper functional security roles are assigned to our end-users and that data migration efforts are complete and accurate."

Last October, the LMP team developed a 24/7 site command center managed by the ASC Headquarters Enterprise Integration Office. The SCC was meant to provide immediate and effective support to customers.

"We managed the SCC 24/7 because we have customers all over the world, to include the United States, Italy, Republic of South Korea, Japan, and five locations in Southwest Asia," said Holburn.

The SCC team was made up of eleven employees from ASC headquarters and other commands.

The LMP implementation process began last year by working with the LMP Project Office and a contract service provider to teach a cadre about the system and develop training capabilities. Once the cadre was up to speed, they traveled to the ASC LMP sites and began training users.

"For the first two weeks or so [after the Oct. launch], everyone worked on average 8-10 hour days to ensure an overlap of shifts, and after a few weeks, we cut back to 8-hour days," said Holburn.

Georgia Dugan, LMP deployment lead, said 2nd shift support transitioned to virtual support on Dec. 10, because requests and calls from ASC LMP customers had dwindled.

"We anticipate third shift to remain in place through February," said Holburn. "The decision to shut down third shift will be contingent upon our stabilization status and exit criteria."

LMP is the Army's core initiative to completely replace the two largest, most important warfighting support national-level logistics systems: the inventory management Commodity Command Standard System (CCSS), and the depot and arsenal operations Standard Depot System (SDS).

Integrating more than 70 DOD systems, LMP promises near-real time action, completing 98.5 percent of user transactions in less than 2 seconds. The LMP modernizes both the systems and the processes by which the Army manages its supply chain at the national and installation levels, making it a cornerstone of the Material Enterprise.

"The outcome is a testament to our preparation," said Dugan. "We worked hard to ensure a smooth implementation- and it paid off."

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