SAN ANTONIO, Texas-While transferring the logistics functions of U.S. Army installations across the globe from one U.S. Army command to another is no simple task, the Installation Management Command and the Army Materiel Command are making strides toward the scheduled completion date of Oct. 1.

"We have already completed much of the first phase to include the transfer of operational control for IMCOM regions located within the United States and in the Pacific, and we will complete the transfer of operational control of the remaining overseas Directorates of Logistics by April 1," said David Peralta, chief of IMCOM G-4 plans and operations. "This is a large scale transformation."

The first phase of the two-phase transformation plan includes the transfer of operational control from IMCOM to AMC. During this phase, IMCOM will continue to provide personnel and resources to the logistics function, but the actual functional control is being transferred to AMC's Army Sustainment Command, who will be responsible for logistic functions at Army installations. The second phase will include the complete transfer of responsibilities of logistics personnel and resources to ASC by the Oct. 1 deadline.

The transfer of logistics responsibilities is driven by the Army's core enterprise concept to bring organizations with similar or related functions together. AMC, along with the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, form the Materiel Core Enterprise. IMCOM is part of the Army's Services and Infrastructure Core Enterprise.

"The objective of transferring these responsibilities is to align the logistics functions with the appropriate core enterprise, which is the Army Materiel Command for logistics," said Peralta.