FORT STEWART, Ga - New stars on the horizon entertained children at Club Stewart, March 23 and at the Hunter Club, March 24. After about four months of preparation, Sergeant Rocky's Neighborhood Puppet Show and its new stars faced their premiere audiences.

In puppeteer fashion, Sgt. Rocky, Rachel and Tommy joined Linda Liberty in a show presented by the Mobilization and Deployment office to discuss and share issues dealing with deployments.

Though the show was geared for kids ages 4 to 10, there were younger ones and many adults who were present for the Stewart presentation.

Linda Liberty, also known as Linda Moseley, Mobilization and Deployment manager, said that the show uses puppets because kids usually find it easier to talk to them, especially to talk about their emotions.

"The show discusses things like missing their parent, what if their parent got sick or wounded and the medical resources over there, and a bit about the country (Iraq or Afghanistan) their parent is in," said Moseley.

Networking with the young audience is exactly what occurred. From the entrance of both Linda Liberty and Sgt. Rocky, the 2-year-old bulldog owned by Traci Wheeler, the children were involved.