As I write this, I am celebrating - today we celebrate 200 days accident-fatality free for Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield.

On behalf of the Senior and Garrison commanders, "thank you" - thanks to the entire community for achieving over 200 fatality-free days on our roadways, on our jobs and around our homes.

This achievement reflects your commitment to do the right things when it comes to safety and to look out for each other's well-being.

A training holiday to honor this event for our Soldiers and their Families is forth coming.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to take advantage of the Welcome Home Extravaganza hosted by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, starting today through Dec. 5 at the Fort Stewart Post Exchange for Soldiers and their Families. This four-day event will include a free ice skating rink at the PX for all military I.D. card holders and free live entertainment featuring Hinder at Donovan's Field, Dec. 3. I heard the preshow is great so be there at 4 p.m. when the gates open. Also, you and your Family can get autographs from NBA legend Artis Gilmore, Dec. 4 and Ludacris, Dec. 5 all at the PX. So I will be expecting everybody to be hanging out and having fun at the PX parking lot Dec. 2 - 5. Be sure to dress warm because we are expecting cold weather.

Our leaders know and understand that it is truly a team effort and the work of everyone - DA Civilians as well as Families and Soldiers - coming together - that has afforded this 200 accident-fatality free days honor.

Our work is not yet done. During your time off this weekend and at any time you are on the roadways, I depend upon each of you to always keep safety up front. And remember, it's not just vehicular safety that earns us the 200 days fatality-free label, it is our safety posture on the job, at home and around and about. If you see an unsafe act or situation, it's incumbent upon you to bring it to leadership's attention. By doing so, you help us to reach our next goal of 300 days accident-fatality free.

We all take safety seriously here. I am personally very pleased with the Soldiers, Family Members and DA Civilian employees for putting safety first and continuing to make the right choices when it comes to safety. Let's keep on making the right choices and drive on to another 100 days.

Also, Family Members are each other's "battle buddies" when their spouses are deployed. Please watch over each other and recognize when to step in or to ask for help. And especially try to keep your "battle buddy" from under the wheel when he or she is upset or intoxicated or simply not themselves.

And you yourself... keep in mind - you are not alone.