FORT BRAGG, N.C. - This month, the good guys wore pink on Fort Bragg.

Emergency personnel from Fort Bragg's Directorate of Emergency Services adorned pink gloves and shirts to help raise breast cancer awareness during October.

"It's not much," said Jason Haluski, a firefighter with Fort Bragg's Directorate of Emergency Services. "But it shows the community that we care about the issues that affect them and us. You'd be hard pressed to find somebody whose life hasn't been touched by cancer."

Fort Bragg Emergency Medical Services and firefighters put on pink "Because We Care" gloves on all calls they respond to during the month of October and a pink T-shirt will be the official duty uniform of all firefighters, supervisors, chief officers and several administrators during the last week of October, replacing the blue, button up shirts firefighters normally wear.

"It grabs people's attention to see a group of guys come into a building or onto the scene of a medical emergency wearing pink gloves," says Haluski.

Directorate of Emergency Services personnel not only heightened awareness with the shirts on their backs and the gloves on their hands, their feet also did some talking.

Off-duty firefighters from Fort Bragg's Directorate of Emergency Services participated in a walk sponsored by the Warrior Angels, a support group specifically for women from the Fort Bragg community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

"Our community is not immune to the health and social issues facing any other community in the U.S.," said Haluski. When people see us, we want them to know that we support Fort Bragg, the Soldiers and their Families."