FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas -- An Oct. 11 ceremony transferred authority of the Fort Sam Houston Network Enterprise Center from the 502nd Mission Support Group to the 106th Signal Brigade.

The NEC, formerly known as the Directorate of Information Management or DOIM, has been through many transitions over the past three decades.

In April 2009, DOIM transferred to the 106th Signal Brigade and was renamed the Network Enterprise Center. Under Joint Base San Antonio, the garrison retained administrative control through Fiscal Year 2010.

"The NEC has gone through many, many transitions over time as has the garrison in recent years," said Col. Mary Garr, 502nd MSG commander.

Garr thanked Hal Marsh for leading his staff through so many changes saying, "You led the transformation of our communications piece into the joint base, while at the same time preparing for your own transition into NEC Command. Now you are going to continue taking things to a higher level. Please take my thanks back to your entire team."

"Col. Haigh, I know you are receiving a great team and you are going to continue to be a great partner here on Fort Sam as you have been since you were established here," Garr said.

"This transfer of authority symbolizes the realignment of the Fort Sam Houston Network Enterprise Center from the Army Garrison and 502nd Mission Support Group to the Network Enterprise and Technology Command and, specifically, to the 106th Signal Brigade," said Hal March, NEC director.

"This transfer is part of the Army General Order Number 5 that aligns signal forces under one command to protect and defend the Land War Net, which we all use when we log on to our desktop computers every day," Marsh said.

The 106th Signal Brigade was reorganized and reactivated July 16, 2008, at Fort Sam Houston as part of the 7th Signal Command (Theater) with a mission to secure and defend the western portion of the continental United States Land War Net.

"Hal, to your team, thank you so much for all the hard work you have provided throughout the years," said Col. Chris Haigh, 106th Signal Brigade commander.

"I am convinced that together we can maintain the high standards you have already set and find some synergies by standardizing enterprise franchising network, enabling us to provide even better services to the community here at Joint Base San Antonio."