WIESBADEN, Germany -- Military spouses stepped into their husbands' shoes for a day during 1st Armored Division's Combat Spouses Day at the Rheinblick Outdoor Recreation Complex Sept. 22, 2010. A,A The event, which offered spouses a fun day of marching, paint ball, first aid, land navigation and air rifle shooting, was aimed at giving them a break from the routine as 1st AD Soldiers continue to serve in Iraq. A,A "We want to give you all a little piece of what your spouses go through," said Sgt. 1st Class Nicolas Augugliaro during an introductory briefing. A,A After having donned helmets, body armor and canteen belts and picking up their "weapons," the combat spouses headed out on a three-kilometer road march. A,A "So far it has gone well and everyone has been able to filter in and filter out," said Spc. Cynthia Landin as she stamped the participants' checklists in the TA-50 issue room. "They're pumped, which is a good thing - it makes us pumped." A,A "Don't get hurt," said Augugliaro, as he went over safety procedures before the march, drawing laughs from his new recruits. "If you get hurt then I've got to explain it to the colonel and he has to explain it to the CG (commanding general)." A,A Rear detachment leaders said they began planning the event as soon as 1st AD Soldiers deployed last year. "We did one during the last deployment and talked about doing another one. It was something we wanted to do," said Lt. Col. Conrad Wiser, 1st AD rear detachment commander. A,A While they first considered doing a repeat event on Wiesbaden Army Airfield, they decided to hold it at the Rheinblick, near Frauenstein, with the support of the garrison's Outdoor Recreation staff, said Sgt. Maj. Kevin Jochims. A,A "I remember how sore I was the last time," said veteran combat spouse Bettina Grabski. "I hesitated to do it again, but it was fun." A,A Grabski, whose husband is on his third deployment, said the event was in lieu of her usual fitness center workout. "I'm looking forward to getting a good workout." A,A "My husband asked me if I would do it for him," said Lisa Bloom. "I wanted to see what it was like. He sacrifices a lot. I figured it was the least I could do to learn a little bit more about what he does." A,A As the 27 spouses made their way through the various stations, they joked with one another and enjoyed the sunshine in the forest setting at Rheinblick. After a heated paintball battle, the day concluded with a ceremony where Wiser and Jochims awarded certificates of completion. A,A "Did everybody learn something'" asked Wiser. "Did everybody learn about military life'" A,A He was answered with a chorus of "Hoo-ahs." A,A "Thank all of you wonderful spouses for all of the things that you do," Wiser added. "Without you, we wouldn't be able to do our jobs." A,A In parting, the rear D commander added, "When you're Skyping tonight you can tell your spouses you did everything in five hours that they do in six weeks." A,A More laughter from the crowd as they headed back from a hard day on the range.