CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait- Troopers from 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, maintained their combat readiness with training classes, here in the desert of Kuwait, prior to their deployment north into Iraq in the coming weeks.

Long Knife brigade Soldiers will be the first brigade combat team from the division to deploy in support of Operation New Dawn.

"Our troops are ready to carry out the mission," said Capt. Warren Sears, the brigade battle captain from Pineville, La. "This training is just a final conditions check we conduct prior to beginning the mission. Here we receive situational training from experts that are on the ground and have the latest (information)."

The Soldiers participated in weapon certification ranges, combat life-saving classes, humvee egress assistance training and counter improvised explosive device classes to refresh the skills they acquired during brigade field training exercises and at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) in Fort Polk, La.

"This is good training to have before we go into Iraq," said Staff Sgt. Benetta Gamble, a logistics non-commissioned officer assigned to the 27th Brigade Support Battalion. "It prepares you what to expect and how to react to it on the road."

Gamble, heading out on her second deployment to Iraq, took part in classes like this with the rest of the brigade during their culminating training event at JRTC.

"It pays off to sit down in these classes and then take part in hands-on training like this," said the Tampa, Fla. native.

1st Sgt. Wesley Stollings, of the 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion Headquarters and Headquarters Company believes this helps to keep Soldiers ready and on their toes during the transition from Fort Hood, Texas to Iraq.

"The troops are staying motivated and [making] the most out of this training," said Stollings, originally from Houston, Texas.

The Soldiers will continue their refresher classes and training prior to their movement to northern Iraq for their scheduled deployment.