BAGHDAD - United States Embassy advisors to the Iraqi Ministry of Justice conducted a human trafficking seminar for female Iraqi Police officers Aug. 15 to raise awareness of domestic abuse and human trafficking.

The goal of the seminar, held at the Ministry of Interior Police Qualification Center, was to equip students with the proper tools and techniques needed to deal with victims of these crimes.

"Identifying victims of these crimes can be a challenge due to a victim's reluctance to come forward," said Theresa Talplacido, a Ministry of Justice advisor.

"Just because Iraqi females don't complain doesn't mean that domestic violence doesn't occur," said Brig. Gen. Sabah Hoshi Mohammed, head of the Police Qualification Center. "Unless we respect every person's rights, we cannot build a strong country."

More than 25 females currently attending a commissioner advisors course participated in the seminar, which included a presentation, discussion, role-playing and a question-and-answer session.

"Like domestic violence, human trafficking is often unreported, It's hard to judge how big a problem it is," Talplacido said. "Education of law enforcement is key in combating this issue."