BAGHDAD - The Iraq Ministry of Interior's Counter Explosives Directorate unveiled its new training center under construction at Salman Pak, Aug. 8, during a presentation at the MoI's Officers Club.

Maj. Gen. Jehad Aluaibi Taher, head of the Counter Explosives Directorate, highlighted the training opportunities that the center will offer.

"The terrorists use explosives, the only weapon that affects security forces and the infrastructure," Jehad said. "You must combat this weapon with science, with technology and by staying security-conscious. This will be taught at the new center."

The center will offer courses at all levels of expertise, covering a variety of disciplines, such as bomb disposal and mine clearance.

Once construction is complete, the MoI plans to offer education for the Ministry of Defense, the Kurdish Ministry of Interior as well as to members of the international community. Construction is scheduled for completion in mid 2011.

According to Jehad, this new training center will "lead [counter explosive] education in the Middle East".

"The war is an international war," Jehad said. "Therefore, the lessons learned are international as well."