The U.S. Army's Recruiting Command announced recently a $20,000 "quick-ship" bonus for aspiring recruits. The bonus applies to new recruits with no prior military service who enlist for at least two years active duty in America's Army. They must agree to report to basic training within 30 days of enlistment. The program ends Sept. 30.

The quick-ship bonus contributes to the Army's strength and efforts to grow the active force by over 34,000 Soldiers.

"America's Army is strong," said Lt. Gen. Michael D. Rochelle, the Army's Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1. "To attract interested young men and women we know that we must have cutting-edge enlistment and retention options to acquire and retain America's best Soldiers. We will meet our commitments worldwide and provide the best led, best trained and best equipped Soldiers to combatant commanders. We urge your continued support."

The $20,000 quick-ship bonus can be combined with the Army's other cash enlistment bonuses, up to a maximum combination of $40,000 if an enlistee signs up for at least four years.

Prospective recruits can learn more about the Army's opportunities by visiting a recruiter or logging on to

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