The process and instructions to request military service records or prove military service from the National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, is at this Web site: Requests for Information from Official Military Personnel FilesFederal law [5 USC 552a(b)] requires that all requests for records and information be submitted in writing. Each request must be signed (in cursive) and dated (within the last year). Certain basic information is needed to locate military service records. This information includes the veteran's complete name used while in service, service number, social security number, branch of service, date of birth, place of birth, and dates of service.Request Military Service RecordsTo request military service records, use the Standard Form (SF) 180 for Military Service InformationAlthough not mandatory, the Standard Form (SF) 180 is the recommended method to send a request for military service information. This form captures all the necessary information to locate a record. Provide as much information on the form as possible and send copies of any service documents that you may have. Requests may also be submitted as a letter, containing the basic information listed above.For More InformationFor additional information on the services provided, contact the National Personnel Records Center public affairs office at:<a href=""></a> Tel: 314-801-0587 or 0506.