FORT HOOD, Texas - Soldiers and Family from Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division mourned the death of fellow "Greywolf", Spc. Robert Rose, at a memorial ceremony at the Memorial Chapel, here, June 22.

Sunlight shone through the stained-glass windows as Rose's family, friends and fellow Soldiers sat before the traditional display of helmet, rifle, boots and photo to pay tribute to the fallen infantryman

Col. Douglas Crissman, brigade commander; Capt. David McCarthy, the troop's commander; former Spc. Robert Wells, from Rose's first unit; and Chaplain (Maj.) Bryan Chepey, the brigade's chaplain, presented messages for the service.

"Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things that someone can go through," said McCarthy. "To Robert's family, our words can't adequately express the feeling of your loss, but please find solace in knowing that he was loved by his brothers-in-arms and served his nation and his fellow Soldiers with pride."

1st Sgt. Jorge Velez, the troop's first sergeant, performed Final Roll Call after the benediction. Silence filled the chapel as Velez called, "Spc. Robert Merlin Rose!"

Tears fell down the eyes of many in attendance as five rifles fired in perfect unison and a bugler played "Taps."

Concluding the ceremony, rows of guests rendered honors to their husband, father, son and friend. Some saluted or dropped to a knee and whispered a prayer.

In February, the unit assigned Rose as the commander's driver, but soon his outstanding work ethic became known.

"My (nuclear, biological and chemical) NCO was departing, and I was in desperate need of someone to step up and accept the responsibility for the job and to take accountability of the equipment," McCarthy said. "I was immediately impressed with his eagerness to accept the additional work. When I asked him if he would take on this additional responsibility, his answer was yes without any qualms or hesitations."

Soldiers that had worked with Rose in the past spoke of him with a smile.

"Rose always had something funny to say. He had the gift of gab, I guess," said Wells, a comrade of Rose's and the godfather of his daughter Audrey. "When we were at (the National Training Center), he got a voicemail from his wife saying that she was pregnant and she sent him a picture of the ultrasound with a little dot showing the baby. Rose said it was the prettiest dot he'd ever seen and we smoked cigars to celebrate."

Rose is survived by his wife Kristina Rose; daughters Audrey (17 months); Alexia (8); Adrianna (11); Alicia (15); his sister Lexie Rose; and parents Mr. J.D. Rose Jr. and Mrs. Melissa Knight.