FORT HOOD, Texas - Being assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division is an experience all in itself. Its traditions and standards are different, and for some, more exciting than any other traditional Army unit.

For new division Soldiers to better understand the Cav heritage, the division now holds a monthly newcomers briefing and encourages all new division Soldiers and their family members to attend.

When Soldiers initially arrive to Fort Hood, they learn of the various installation programs and services offered to them; including III Corps standards and policies.

Therefore new division Soldiers that attend "First Team" newcomer briefings learn what sets the division apart from the pack. The briefing touches on the division's timely traditions, history and current way of life. They learn to "Live the Legend" and what it means to be a member of America's "First Team."

During the division's first newcomers brief held June 8, new Soldiers and Family members were able to see how a change of command is conducted within the division, along with the famous cavalry charge.

After the ceremony, Soldiers were bused to the Phantom Warrior Center to learn more specific division standards and traditions.

Maj. Gen. Daniel Allyn, the division's commanding general, told the Soldiers and their family of the lineage they are now carrying, aand how the division's alumni are proud of the way we have been upholding its name and maintaining its heritage.

He informed them that Killeen, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Temple, and Austin all say that we are their division and how the 1st Cav. Div. maintains that standard for Fort Hood.

Command Sgt. Maj. James Norman, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cav. Div., spoke on tradition and how the division upholds the standard. He touched on the wearing of the Stetson and spurs and what they mean to the division. However, leadership standards within the division were greatly emphasized in his portion of the briefing.

All-in-all, the new division Soldiers and their Family members were given an insight to its traditions, a stepping stone on how to maintain its standards, further assistance in making its history and what it really means to be a part of America's "First Team" and to "Live the Legend".