The new federal strategy for restoring and protecting the Chesapeake region, released on May 12, 2010, includes initiatives to restore clean water, implement new conservation practices on four million acres of farms, conserve two million acres of undeveloped land, and restore oysters in 20 tributaries of the bay. To increase accountability, federal agencies will establish milestones every two years for actions to make progress toward measurable environmental goals. These will support and complement the states' two-year milestones.

The Strategy for Chesapeake Bay Watershed Restoration and Protection was developed in accordance with the Executive Order issued by President Obama in May 2009, which declared the Chesapeake a national treasure and ushered in a new era of federal leadership, action and accountability. The strategy is available at

In July 2009 Army released the Army Chesapeake Bay Strategy. The Army's strategy was designed to mirror the structure outlined in the Executive Order. The Army will support the overall federal strategy by:

1. Contributing to restoring and sustaining the later quality of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

2. Restoring and sustaining living resources and healthy habitats on Army installations.

3. Supporting the implementation of ecosystemAca,!A?based fisheries management.

4. Strengthening stormwater management practices and maintaining healthy watersheds.

5. Fostering Chesapeake Bay stewardship.

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