Fort Sam Houston, Texas (April 27, 2010) - Members of the Brazilian Army visited U.S. Army South to participate in a military doctrine and training staff talks, 26 - 30 Arpil.

Representatives from Brazil included Brazilian Army Lt. Gen. Gerson Menandro Garcia de Freitas, Head of Delegation, Maj. Gen. Mauro Cesar Lourena Cid, Brazilian Army Attache, Col. Joarez Alves Pereira, International Affairs, Col. Jose Eduardo Pereira, Col. Joao Batista Bezerra Leonel, Strategy and Plans, Col. Francisco Eduardon Medved, Intelligence, and Col. Carlos Jose Peixoto Sinesio. Operation, Doctrine, Strategy and Special Forces.

At the opening ceremony Maj. Gen. Simeon Trombitas, U.S. Army South Commander, welcomed the Brazilian delegation via video teleconference from Haiti and expressed his gratitude to the Brazilian Army for participating in this event. Trombitas also emphasized the importance of the staff talks to the future stability of the region.

"As we work together we can lay down the foundation of cooperation and peace for the Americas," said Trombitas. "The staff talks will be a great opportunity to enhance the relationship between our armies," said Brazilian Lt. Gen. Gerson Menandro Garcia de Freitas, Head of the Brazilian Delegation.

The week-long visit consisted of briefings and discussions where both groups were able to present ideas and provide input. The aim was to increase the level of cooperation and friendship between the two armies and to apply that knowledge to future joint operations.
The Brazilian delegation and Army South personnel covered various topics including education, training and doctrine, Brazilian national defense strategies, and Military Operations in Urban Terrain.

Senior members of the Brazilian delegation also visited the Defense Language Institute where they received a briefing that described how the Institute supports the various missions being conducted in its theater of operation.

As part of their cultural experience in San Antonio, the Brazilian delegation had the opportunity to visit the downtown area. While there they briefly toured the Alamo and Riverwalk area.
At the week-long event concluded with a Closing Ceremony. "I believe this conference is a historical marker for our two countries," said Menandro. "The agreements that we reached here will enhance the relationship between our armies."

Brig. Gen. Manuel Ortiz, Army South deputy commander, expressed his gratitude toward the Brazilian delegation for their hard work and cooperation. "We have had an excellent week of work," said Ortiz. "And it is through this work that we will develop and strengthen our relationship."