West Point community members may have noticed the increase in construction activity, especially in Central Area.

Construction is scheduled to be ongoing throughout the summer months.
Although the Directorate of Public Works is working hard at reducing the impact on community members, staff and employees, some road closures and parking restrictions are to be expected.

"The construction that is being done in central post this summer is needed to upgrade and improve the facilities and utilities in the area," Garrison Commander Col. Daniel Bruno said. "West Point was fortunate to obtain stimulus funding for many of the projects and we must now execute the projects.

"DPW, in cooperation with other agencies on post, has worked hard to coordinate all the projects to minimize the impact and limit the inconvenience of the construction activity to the community," he added. "We all need to remember that the result of our inconvenience now will be better and more efficient facilities for the future."

Current construction projects during April and May:
Aca,!Ac Taylor Hall roof repairs, Bldg. 600-through August;
Aca,!Ac Science Building (Old Cadet Library), Bldg. 757-through December 2011;
Aca,!Ac Bradley masonry repairs, Bldg. 756-through September;
Aca,!Ac Lee masonry repairs, Bldg. 738- through September;
Aca,!Ac Steam manhole repairs in various areas and steam tunnel work resulting in some parking restrictions-through September;
Aca,!Ac Lincoln Hall interior and roof, Bldg. 607-through August;
Aca,!Ac Eisenhower Hall, Bldg. 655-ongoing through March 2011, which will cause a limited closure of Ike Tunnel;
Aca,!Ac Taylor Hall moat masonry, Bldg. 600- road to the moat is currently closed. Work is scheduled through May;
Aca,!Ac Thayer Hall emergency A/C, Bldg. 601- through April.
Projects that are beginning between May 24-June 27:
Aca,!Ac Mahan Hall parking deck repairs, Bldg. 753-through September.
Mahan Tunnel will be closed and Brewerton Road is one lane during June for pipe installation;
Aca,!Ac Buffalo Soldier Field steam manhole repairs-through August;
Aca,!Ac Loading dock door replacement, Bldg. 745;
Aca,!Ac Pedestrian overpass in the vicinity of Bldg. 600. The pedestrian overpass will be closed in June.

In July, the ramp to the Bldg. 600 basement will be closed and Brewerton Road at the Arvin Cadet Physical Development Center will have limited one lane availability.
The road is closed for the extensive work from 10 a.m. Thursday through midnight Sunday and from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Wednesday. The road is open from 1-10 a.m. Monday-Thursday.

It is expected that Brewerton Road will be open by Aug. 6.

There will be limited closure of Ike Tunnel through July. Most of the construction should be completed in September. Renovation work for quarters 100 will begin in October and will be ongoing through 2011.