SCHINNEN, Netherlands - The 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command's Benelux Training Support Center team displayed the technologically advanced training devices available to support unit training at an open house held on USAG Schinnen April 30.

There were several outdoor demonstrations and inside the USAG Schinnen Community Activity Center hundreds of training aids, systems and publications were on display.

"We provide state-of-the-art training support throughout our Benelux area of responsibility. Our customers include the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines along with partnerships with NATO units and host nation military units across nine European countries. We're truly a joint, multinational training support center," said Blaine Curtis, Chief Training Support Center Benelux.

Area customers, military leaders and Dutch employees of USAG Schinnen gathered in the Engagement Skills Trainer for the virtual yet very real experience of guarding road check points in Iraq. Various scenarios displayed on a screen test individuals with unloaded weapons linked to a computer simulator that makes each shot fired feel very real while recording where the bullet went and if it should have been fired at all.

"The system enables Soldiers to test their knowledge of the rules of engagement as well as their Soldier skills in actually using their weapon either individually or as part of a larger team. It hones their instincts so when they deploy - they're ready," said Brandon Howard, Training Support Specialist at USAG Schinnen.

The Deployable Instrumentation Systems Europe, an advanced system that provides force-on-force training for units up to and including a battalion, is on the cutting edge for real time tracking of unit training.

Sensors placed in the training area, on the Soldiers themselves and their weapons, enables DISE to track most all of the essential movements and actions of Soldiers. An engagement can viewed in real time by trainers and leaders and played back again and again so participants can fully realize the consequences of the action or inaction on the battlefield, explained U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Yong D. Choe, DISA Operations NCO with the 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command Headquartered in Grafenwoehr, Germany.

"The system can track the impact of a claymore mine exploding, the track of a single bullet and how Soldiers maneuver towards their objective. Then we can hit rewind and let Soldiers learn from their experience," said Choe.

"Sensors can be placed on individual and crew served weapons so, without using any bullets, Soldiers can train using target devices that show whether they're on target or not. Our devices enable unit trainers to set up their own range without the need for real ammunition," said Curtis.

At the Benelux TSC locations in Chievres, Belgium, there is a 4-lane indoor range facility, gas chamber, and engagement skills trainer, two classrooms, a distance training facility and numerous training aids available. The Alliance Warfare Training Center, a 26- acre urban warfare training facility, was opened in 2009 and is the only facility of its kind in the Benelux region.

At their USAG Schinnen location, the 7th JMTC operates a gas chamber, an engagement skills trainer, loans training aids and devices and limited visual information services. Of note is their partnership with the Royal Dutch Army and their training complex in Budel, Netherlands and military operations in urban terrain facility constructed adjacent to the NATO Joint Forces Command, Brunssum, Netherlands.

The Training Support Center also provides historical audiovisual support, including deployable photo studio capabilities and DA photo services.

Requests for these services and the use of training aids, facilities and devices can be requested by customers with an active VIOS account, something easily done by going to the VIOS main page on the Internet. It is through this on-line account that customers can also request the use of training aids and access to Benelux training facilities.

Contacting the 7th JMTC in your area is easy. Just dial the DSN prefix in your area then dial -1398. The same applies for commercial access, dial the commercial prefix you would to dial your own workplace, but replace the last four digits with -1398.

If that wasn't clear, to reach the 7th JMTC at USAG Schinnen, call DSN 360-1398 or commercial +31-46-443-1398 and to reach the USAG Benelux/Chievres office call DSN 361-1398 or +32-68-27-1398.