25 motorcyclists from the 25th Special Troops Battalion, 25th Infantry Division conducted a motorcycle ride April 21 as part of the unit's motorcycle mentorship program.

"The goal of the ride and the battalion's mentorship program is to foster safe motorcycle riding and introduce new riders to experienced riders," said Maj. Mark Anders, executive officer, 25th Special Troops Battalion, 25th Infantry Division, and the battalion's motorcycle mentor.

"While the battalion has many Soldiers with more than 10 years' experience riding motorcycles and almost as many Soldiers with less than 2 years, a battalion ride was the perfect venue to bring these two groups together," he continued.

The 25 Soldiers were able to break away from their desks in the middle of the day. After Soldiers staged their bikes in front of the 25th STB headquarters, company mentors conducted inspections of the bikes and each rider's license, registration and state inspection paperwork.

Experienced riders in the battalion gave a class on proper group riding techniques so that new Soldiers understood that there is more to going down the road in a group than just twisting the throttle and hitting the brakes.

After the class, a briefing of the route, and a quick lunch, the riders departed en mass. The group went north and circled the entire island following the same path as the upcoming 25 Inf. Div. motorcycle ride will on 20 May.

Although it rained for most of the ride, all Soldiers enjoyed the chance to ride in a group and meet other riders from the unit.

"The ride was a great success," said Anders.