The leadership team must have the courage to challenge old ways of doing business and embrace required change if it wants to be effective during the ongoing transition into the completed Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning Commanding General MG Michael Ferriter said.
Ferriter spoke to senior leaders from across post and Fort Knox, Ky., Thursday during an offsite meeting themed "Leading through Change." The event's purpose was to reflect, strengthen bonds and integrate as a team.
"It's good to take time for all of us to slow down and bring this team together and talk about where we are and where we're going," Ferriter said. "It enables us to get the entire team involved in steering the great ship that we call the MCoE into some uncharted waters."
While the Army leaders discussed reorganization, their spouses met separately and discussed community and families. Over the course of the two-day offsite, the group heard from a number of national and community leaders, including Board of Governors of the Leader to Leader Institute chairwoman Frances Hesselbein and Columbus State University president Dr. Timothy Mescon.
Ferriter called this time in Fort Benning history "exciting" and said he was confident the MCoE had the best possible team in place to embark on defining the new priorities.
"More than half of the new Soldiers who enlist each year will train here at the MCoE," he said. "As we reshape Fort Benning, we are also shaping the Army of the future."
Instead of focusing on the challenges that come with change, he said the group should view the transformation as an "opportunity" for positive impact.
Facing a nation at war and a constantly evolving mission, Ferriter said the post will not yield its top-notch training.
"We are building warriors and developing leaders who are willing and able to think and act creatively and decisively in a changing world," he said. "As the nature of warfare changes, so too we will change, and we will emerge victorious. We are not going to push through change. We're not going to drive through change - we are going to lead through change."