FORT STEWART and HUNTER ARMY AIRFIELD, Ga. - Early and excellent were the operative words for the Great MWR Yard Sale at on-post housing sites and in the parking lot at Club Stewart, where more than 100 sellers put up stands.

Sellers set up early-some two hours early - in preparation for the 8 a.m. start, April 17. Customers arrived early, too, eager to pick up as many bargains as they could as soon as the sale began and before the selection thinned out.

Many of the on-post housing sellers reported successful sales. Organizers said more than 80 sales were set up in nearly every housing area on post. Sales were described as "brisk," "steady," "real good" and "excellent."

One on-post housing resident said customers were coming out in groups to her area. "You see two or three vehicles come up, and the folks get out and do their shopping, then move on to the next sale," she said.

Tina Rose, wife of 1st Sgt. Rupert Rose, set up a stand at the Club Stewart parking lot. She reported her "big ticket items" (about 40 paintings, a large mirror and a table) were sold before 10 a.m.

"I had a lot of stuff in my attic, and I thought I would come out here to raise some money to fix up my girls' bedrooms," Rose said in describing why she had decided to set up a sale.

"We had a real good crowd," said Randy Walker, Intramural Sports Director and coordinator of the Club Stewart event. "Everybody I talked to said they did well, and the weather was beautiful."
Gnats tried to spoil the fun during the sale's first hours, but soon retreated without dampening the buyers' or sellers' enthusiasm.

Items for sale at the Club Stewart parking lot included furniture, four-wheelers, beds, washers and dryers, baby clothing, video tapes, movies, what-nots and handcrafted items.

"I saw some buyers who went to the housing areas first," Walker said. "And some of them had bought a lot of stuff before coming to Club Stewart."

Tracey Potter, wife of Lt. Col. Joshua Potter, and her children set up a sale at their Marne Court home. She said she and her Family will be moving soon to another on-post house.

"This is just to clear out the closets," she said.

Three chaplains' wives set up a sale at Wynn Place in Marne Homes to "earn a little extra money and because it's fun to do this together." Taking part were Stacy Nix, wife of Capt. Andrew Nix; Rochelle Saldana, wife of Capt. Ruben Saldana; and Alison Glover, wife of Capt. Graham Glover. All said business was excellent.

Karen Kindt, wife of Lt. Casey Kindt, said she was "very happy to have done the yard sale and very happy to get rid of my stuff." She joined Angie Crane, wife of Maj. Mike Crane, and Kristen Erwin, wife of Capt. Will Erwin in a Marne Homes area sale.

An NAF Excess Property Sale was conducted simultaneously with the Great MWR Yard Sale.

Customers arrived early for that sale as well. They were provided with a price list and sale procedures were explained before the sale began, promptly at 8 a.m. at building 1501.

Among the excess property items for sale there were tables, desks, chairs, sleeper sofas, recliners, cherry wood television stands, television armoires, freezers, work benches, gym equipment and weights were among the more than 700 items for sale.

Youth Challenge Academy cadets were on hand and, when needed, helped customers in loading their bargains into vehicles.